New Brunswick holds  some BIG moose. Our moose hunting season is only 5 days long but thats all we need to make a lifetime memory. Every moose hunt is different and it brings out family and friends to enjoy a week in the woods.We do our homework pre-season to ensure we are in the right areas to have an opportunity for action. We like to call the moose in so you get to experience the call and response methods. There is nothing like it!

What is included in your hunting package

  • Travel to and from airport if applicable
  • Full accomodations and meals/snacks
  • Fully guided
  • retrieval and registration of moose with the province (mandatory)

Contact us for assistance in the application process for New Brunswick non-residents.

Brad's Moose 2018


This moose was on our trail cameras several times throughout the summer in one of our scouted areas. It was interesting that he was taken in the area where we did not see him on camera about 4 kms away! this bull was taken on the 3rd evening of the 5 day hunt. We had seen and passed up on 13 moose at this point. This bull came charging to our calling sequence of cow whines and bull grunts/raking. He answered with raking of his own and came in on a dead run, grunting and smashing trees on his way from about 250 yards to 40 yards in front of us giving us a clean broadside shot. This bulls behaviour is exactly what we were looking for 

Jeremy's moose 2018


Jeremy did not mess around with harvesting this bull opening morning. He knew going into the season that he wanted a younger bull for his family and did not disappoint. This bull was travelling with a cow and calf.

Ryan's moose 2016


A last day bull! the week was very hot and tough hunting but we were able to walk in on this bull in full display of rutting activity.

2008- opening day


This old bull was taken on the opening morning of the 2008 Moose hunt. A 300 yard plus shot was needed and this 3 day season came to a close 30 mins in!

Tylers Moose - 2010


This moose hunt was fun, Although it was a road moose it was still exciting to see tyler jam his truck in park while still travelling at about 30 km/hr as his adrenaline took over when the moose ran out in front of us as we were heading back to camp for lunch. One call and the moose put the brakes on giving Tyler his shot... or 5 shots

Phyllis H. Moose Hunt 2019


Phyllis tagged her first moose on the 3rd morning of the 2019 Moose Hunt. Great job and great hunt Phyllis