We are big into deer management and want to help the population grow as much as possible. Our severe winters in NB have a direct impact on our herd numbers and they fluctuate year after year. If you want to chase after the elusive white-tailed deer with us, rest assured that we will put in every effort and pull out all the stops to try and give you that opportunity. 


This buck scored 119" putting him in the record book in NB for Archery deer.

Our Mineral Product


We manufacture our own deer mineral supplement and attractant. This has shown to have great results and the deer keep coming back for more!

Our Outdoor show set-up in Saint John,NB


We travel around to various outdoor shows promoting our deer mineral products to get people on board with promoting a healthy deer herd.

Fall 2017


A beautiful NB archery buck taken in 2017. We watched this guy on camera all fall and had to wait him out to the final week to make a mistake.