Are you up to the challenge of getting up close and personal with a black bear? We will show you just how exciting black bear hunting can be with our variety of stand/site set-ups and techniques. Our week long packages include you arriving on Sunday and departing on Saturday after breakfast. You can settle in and join the guides in checking bait sites and choosing your stand set-up. Your hunt begins on Monday and goes through Friday.

What is included in your hunting package 

  • 1x bear tag (2nd bear option extra)
  • Transport to and from airport if required
  • Full lodging
  • Full guide services (baiting, scouting, transport to and from sites)
  • Breakfast, lunch, Dinner and snacks/tea or coffee
  • Bear skinning/caping and basic butchering.
  • Ground blinds/tree stands/private bait sites
  • Registering your bear with the province (Mandatory)

Optional- Fishing on the lake for brook trout/landlocked salmon- license extra and required.

What is not included

  • Non-Hunter companion fee
  • Travel expenses
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol
  • Gun permits/Border Fees

Contact us for hunting package pricing and group rates.

Firearm declaration form for border crossing


Success Stories

Amanda Lynn Mayhew


Host of Just Hunt, Amanda Lynn Mayhew visited New Brunswick in May 2019 and harvested this boar at 60 yards with her grandfather's 30.06 Weatherby, watch for this to air in 2020. 

Brian Williams


An exciting and action packed archery bear hunt in spring of 2018. This hunt took place in mid-june when the rut was on, this dry sow was being chased around the woods by a male that wouldnt show himself but let us tell you, he was making his presence known, the two of them were not being quiet as they arn back and forth around us. 20 yard shot and a quick recovery brought some meat to the table.

Brad Brooker


Brad was able to harvest this nice 180 lb boar with his bow, he swears by the mechanical broadheads "swhacker" and continues to prove why.

Nicks first Bear!


We couldnt be more proud to have been involved with guiding Nick to his first black bear in spring 2018. He only had to sit twice to harvest this boar over one of our active sites, and made an incredible shot. The bear ran straight for the bottom of the stand and laid to rest below us. Its always exciting to see the look on the hunters faces with their first bear, and now Nick is hooked!

Spring 2019


This Boar proved just how tough these animals really are. Running 200 yards from where he was hit and not showing a single sign of blood trail after a vital shot. Weighing in at 253 lbs, this guy was not the dominant male in the area!

Spring 2019


Ryan and Brad got it done with this 343 lb brute on 2019/06/20. Perfect shot placement by Ryan and this bear went nowhere. Ryan's first NB black bear and wont be the last!